Radha Krishna

  • Sri V. Radha Krishna Chairman, R.K. Education Society

    This project is the brain child of the Chairman of R K Education Society Sri V Radhakrishna (VRK) who is a native of Pittalavanipalem village, Guntur district. He had his school education in Native village and studied Civil Engineering in Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka State. He is working with NCC Limited for last 25 years and presently he is in the position of Director (Projects) and has vast experience in Construction Industry particularly in Water and Environment sectors. MrRadhakrishna, Chairman of the institute who hails from the same village, has seen and experienced the difficulties in seeking the right kind of education in and around the area. He has decided to target the field of education and health, where the young children in their formative years can be moulded to become good citizens.

  • Mr V.Radha Krishna (VRK) has held several brainstorming sessions with eminent educationalists and professionals for seeking their guidance and suggestions in the project. VRK has spread the idea in and around his native place. As a result of his campaign several donors came forward to support the project.  The society purchased land and constructed the school spread over an area of 30 Acres with a built up area of about 30,000 square meters (3, 20,000 S. ft.)

    The philosophy behind the above activity is that a child who is brought up in a clean, green and healthy environment will demand and implement the same at home, around him and wherever he/she serves or lives in future. 

    Personal safety and security of children is given top priority and it is mandatory for every child to use the school transport including those living in the same village where the school is located.

    A ‘Healthy mind in a Health body’ was taken as the motto and all the children are made to go to the Sports Field everyday for two periods in the afternoon. The PETs (Physical Education Teachers) take care and guide the children to the areas of their interest. To ensure that every child gets adequate nutrition, morning milk, breakfast, lunch and evening snacks are provided by the school. The food is cooked using processed mineral water under hygienic conditions and served hot. Unlimited servings are offered but the teachers take individual care to ensure that food is not wasted. Table manners and dining-hall etiquette are taught and implemented.

    No child was discriminated or denied admission based on his/her or his/her parents’ background or the level of academic preparedness. It is the responsibility of the Institution to educate the child. No child will be hurt in any manner; no corporal punishment; only counseling and repeated interaction will be done.