• The school  providing very good hostel facility for both boys and girls. There are separate campuses for girls and boys. Each hostel is having beds with sufficient air and light. Sufficient bath rooms and provision of hot water facility. Whole hostel is covered with generator / solar energy. There is RO Water plant which provides purified and distilled water for the inmates of hostel. Washer men provided for washing clothes. Each room provided with basket. The basket kept outside filled with clothes for washing while the students go to classes in the morning. The same basket kept at the same place after get washed and dried in the evening. There are study hours for inmates of hostel.

  • The mess has a very good kitchen to prepare good nutritious & hygienic food and has spacious dining halls. Break fast is served at 7.30 AM to 8.00 AM, Lunch is at 12.50 to 1.30 PM and snacks are served at 4.45 to 5.00 PM. The hostlers, day scholars and faculty are served breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. Dinner is served for hostlers only. The menu items are varied every day and the food served provides all nutrients required for vegetarians and non vegetarians. There are six dining halls with a total seating capacity of 850 students. Food is prepared in-house using mineral water. Balanced diet is served during meals and the quantity is unlimited. However, care is taken to ensure that food is not wasted. All the teachers are present in the dining hall during meal timings and they ensure strict discipline, proper distribution and minimum wastage. 

    An environment has been created around the children, in which they unconsciously grow to love it and respect it. Plenty of open space available around the school buildings. Trees were planted on either side of the roads and lawns were made and maintained with lush green grass add to the green fields surrounding the school campus. At regular intervals the children are made to plant saplings and monitor their growth.

    Periodic health checkup will be made to the inmates of hostels. First Aid kit kept with wardens of both hostels. A doctor available any time. A car is also kept ready in the campus in case of emergency.