Vision & Mission


  • V Develop Students to excel in education, communication skills and knowledge. Create an environment that is most suitable for the development of children as strong citizens with all round strengths.


    • By introducing new concepts in education system using latest technology, teaching and learning methods, materials, etc.,
    • By continuous up gradation of teaching and learning skills through Research and Development.
    • By encouraging intensive learning and periodic progress reviews.
    • By setting up of language laboratory for developing communication skills
    • By encouraging extensive reading habits, educational tours and project work.
    • By cultivating healthy food habits in the students, and involving them in games and sports.
    • By psychological support to the students through counseling
    • By regularly teaching the importance of moral values of life.
    • By conducting periodic open discussions on various issues.
    • By cultivating the habit of observing thought process in a beautiful environment.

    Methodology of teaching

    1. Test the Previous Knowledge of the student about the topic.
    2. Motivate with the Preamble of the topic / lesson.
    3. Explain the main points of the lesion through a MEMORY-MAP
    4. Teach the Chapter with the additional support like audio visual aids, Charts and Physical Material.
    5. Explain the new Technical Terms/ Meanings of the new words
    6. Review the Content after the completion of the lesion through the memory map.
    7. Explain how the topic can be applied / useful in our day to day life.
    8. Enable the students to prepare questions and answers by themselves.
    9. Conduct a Slip Test on the topic covered.
    10. Let the students give the Speech / Demo on the topic covered.
    11. Do the Activities / Experiments in the Laboratory to get the knowledge of the topic practically.
    12. Give a small Library Exercise on the topic.
    13. Take the Students to the Work Shop, so that they can learn the mechanism of the tools and their functioning.

    Specific objectives

    1. Constant and un obstructive attentiveness to the total well being of our students.
    2. Care for the development of these skills by which our students can acquire knowledge, and understanding, namely the skills of listening, reading, writing, speaking, observing and calculating.
    3. Encouragement of and training in the power of clear thinking and clear orderly expression with opportunities for the exercise of creative abilities.
    4. Concern for the growth of a keen sense of responsibility. Care for the growth of the aesthetic sense, together with an active interest in cultural pursuits.
    5. Concern for proper behavior on the part of our students together with a genuine sense of respect.
    6. To prepare students as the good citizens.
    7. To counsel and prepare the students to choose and compete for technical and professional courses.
    8. Exposure to the current economic, ecological and scientific developments.

    Target markets

    CARE school is a school to the pupil who are ready to take the challenges against the prevailing present corporate education system. Those who are ready to learn not by mugging but by understanding the concepts are invited here. The people who are pouring huge funds to the corporate schools and not getting minimum standards are invited here to get the knowledge and the skills in reasonable medium fee structure. The students who love nature, expect hygienic food and congenial atmosphere can have availability of seats here. A boy or girl who can sit in a class room of only 30 to 35 students and who are thoroughly observed and counseled by two mentors are also invited to CARE. Here you never see a class room with more than the said above strength.
    Each and every student will be empowered in spoken skills of regional and international language as well by the Dalton coin system. No corporal punishment is allowed here.
    There are 3 to 4 counselors who regularly monitor the psychology of the children and give reasonable suggestions in improving their academic and other standards.
    The parents who are very enthusiastic in observing all round development of a child can put their wards in the safe hands of CARE where stress free education is the tag line of success.

    Major initiatives for 2016-2017

    1. Academic Improvement
    2. Enhancement of Positive Student Involvement and Discipline.
    3. Emphasis on Moral Education.
    4. Emphasis on special help for weak students.
    5. Student Development Activities.
    6. Concept of promoting a “Caring Student Community”
    7. Staff Progression
    8. Improvement of Evaluation Methods and Examination System.
    9. Better Coordination of Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities.
    10. Better use of Information Technology.
    11. Health Awareness Camps.
    12. Enhancement of General Awareness and General Knowledge.