• Sri V. Radha Krishna Chairman, R.K. Education Society

    This project is the brain child of the Chairman of R K Education Society Sri V Radhakrishna (VRK) who is a native of Pittalavanipalem village, Guntur district...
  • Sri V. Kishore Kumar Secretary & Correspondent, R.K.Education Society

    A man of keen perfection.A man who is apparently very serious but his insight is smooth. He is a regular observer of CARE day to day activities.
  • Smt. V. VasanthaRadha Krishna

    Whenever we observe, tons of smiles at one place where the lady appears with a fragrant smile. She is one who takes step in step with our beloved chairman.She is the pioneer in introducing Montessori System of Education in our CARE PRIMARY sector.She is the right household supporter of R.K. sir.
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